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Disclaimers and Privacy Policy

The sole aim of this section is to enhance the coordination between customers and the website. The policy helps customers understand the working of the website better.  Everything present and available on the website is covered and looked over by this. The policy explains the way through which the website assembles and uses the information of the customers who visit and purchase the product from us.

We collect data about our customers from various sources but the main one is the registration made by them on the website. The signing up on the website by the customers provides us their email ID, phone number, address etc. We have an expert team of technicians and engineers which extract information from the browser used by the customers to reach the website.

The data extracted from various sources is not given, sold or lend to any third party. The information about our customers is kept safe under a high-tech secure system.

We permit the manufacturers to sell products on the website only after rectification but, still no customer has the power to hold us responsible in case of any discrepancy or problem because the rights of the products are held by their owners only.

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